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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Of course one of my favorite colors (mint) had to make an appearance in this month of posts:) There's just something so summer-y about this color. Usually when I hear summer colors, I think pinks, corals, yellows, etc. But mint is such a spunky surprise of a summer color! It was overwhelmingly hot out, so I couldn't commit to full length jeans today, but rolled into capris they worked out fine. As you know, I can't let an outfit go by with solely solids. So I added a pop of leopard in my shoes! I'm thinking these loafer type flats are making a comeback... Express had some lovely pairs of them:) Have a great last day of July!!

Stay happy <3

Monday, July 28, 2014


Hey everyone!  It may be hard to wrap our heads around it, but everyone has loads of insecurities. Yes, even Miranda Kerr and her fellow VS models. Anything from too tall to too stocky, we are all in the same boat -- we are insecure about our appearances. I certainly don't want to place all the blame on the media, but it does play a huge role in what we think about ourselves. We're expected to look a certain way (flip open to any page in Cosmo), and it's a really unfair expectation! I could easily write out a novel-size list of all of the things I'm insecure about. Instead, I'd rather be productive, stop envying others, and instead focus on what I like about myself. It's simple--look at your list of "hates" about yourself and redefine them. Turn them into assets!! Today I centered my outfit around this positive approach to body image. I decided to change my clothes to fit my body instead of changing my body to fit my clothes. To hide my stomach bulge, I placed the belt a little lower than a usual empire waist fit. To make my legs look more defined, I put on a nice pair of wedges. There is never a need to feel bad about your body... You're more beautiful than you could ever think. Don't forget to redefine your insecurities and make them into assets. These are the things that make you the person you are. And that is a wonderful thing. 

... Recent studies have found that if you were to see your exact self walking around town you wouldn't even recognize it as yourself! The way we view ourselves is so much different (and usually lesser) than how everyone else views us. Long story short, don't be too hard on yourself/your appearance. You're all amazing!

Stay happy <3

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Most things in life are timed. Whether with a long snooze button, or a very short one. Life itself is timed, which is a very scary thought. But one thing I've always been adamant about is to make the most out of the timed things, including life! I want to be able to look back on my life with no regrets, completely satisfied with how I used my time to accomplish things and affect others. Like life, most outfits are timed; trends go in and out for the most part. But this is one of those timeless outfits -- conservative/preppy is always acceptable :) It may not always be trending, but you can wear this type of outfit in almost any generation.. With a few variations of course. Next time you're shopping, pick out something timeless. We have too many timed things anyway; it's nice to know that there are still some things that don't end. They may be our back-up items, but we've gotta have back-ups of something, right? Have a great day. Try to make the most of today as if it were your last!

Stay happy <3

Under-shirt: Forever21
Top shirt: Super Dry (from England)
Khakis: American Eagle Outfitters
Belt: Forever21
Bracelet: Charming Charlie

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Riding Waves

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend. Have you been to the beach lately? If so, then you are pretty familiar with the feeling of the waves. There's really something to say about tranquility at the beach! Honestly, there's no way to be uncalm at the beach; you just have to ride the waves. It's hard to just ride life's waves constantly, especially when we're set on one way. I am truly guilty of that... I'm always trying to plan my life and be sure that I've accomplished all I possibly could in one day. I guess it's good in a way, because I'm a serious proponent of living life to the fullest (I better not have regrets down the road!!), but it's also bad in a way. Sometimes when you think/plan too much, you miss the beautiful things in life. So when I got dressed today, I just let the waves take me without planning how the outfit would look. This is one of those summer-y, sporty outfits that I love to wear in the hot July days! And in tribute to "riding waves", my shirt kind of resembles waves itself. Shirts like these are really great when you're in the mood to just let go! Or as Hamlet wisely said, "Let be." Would you look at that, life lessons, fashion, and theater all in one post! You can thank me later ;)

Stay happy <3

Top: Charming Charlie 
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Bealls 
All jewelry: Charming Charlie
Belt: Charlotte Russe

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pajamas & Bees

Alright..... LAST post of vacation-wear! I promise :) After this, I'll be back into the routine of normal, everyday clothing! But for now, we'll enjoy this last bit of North Carolina mountain clothing. The great thing about summer is that we can now wear shorts whenever we please. Recently there's been a new fad of what I call, pajama shorts. They look like pajama bottoms!!! Right? They're not form-fitting, they're super comfy, and they come in strange patterns. (I even have a pair of raspberry ones. Totally look like pajama bottoms!) But I like them. Weird is good! I went for a vertical-on-vertical look today. It's subtle, but I feel as though vertical stripes like these can really elevate a look. It's a simple look, but it looks so much more sophisticated and mature with double duty of vertical stripes. Something I loved about North Carolina was the vast amount of different trees and bushes, including this one I posed by! But while I was posing, tons of bees were getting verrrrrry angry that I was invading their space. I managed to get at least one shot of me holding the pretty flowers though! Good enough for me :)

Stay happy <3

Top: A'gaci
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today's post is still from vacation outfits, so please excuse the lack of accessories/bold shoes... hehe. I wish I could fit my entire closet into my suitcase -- that would make vacation outfits a whole lot easier (and cuter). But, one look that never seems to fail throughout time is the look of continuity. Simple colors, textures, fabrics, and styles put together to make an easy, flowy outfit.. And there you have it: continuity. It may not be as eye-catching as a killer Kate Spade ensemble, but we can't look like rock stars all the time, right? So if you need a fashionable yet simple fall back, go for continuity! I've seen some nice variations on it, such as the monochromatic look (super continuous and flowy) and the continuous stripes/patterns. Well, I officially get the award for using "continuous" in a paragraph a disgustingly large amount of times. :) Have a great day!!

Stay happy <3

        Top: Kirra    Skirt: Love Culture
        Shoes: Old Navy    Bracelet: Local boutique

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi all! It has been SO long. I'm sorry about the lack of posts -- I've been on vacation! I took a trip to North Carolina and then made a few other stops in Georgia and North Florida. So this post is themed on great vacation attire. Who wants to look sluggish and haggard on their vacation? But at the same time, suitcases allow limited space and travel can take a toll on us. It's important to find your happy medium. My happy medium lies somewhere between comfy solid bottoms (shorts or skirts will do) and soft day dresses! A few travel essentials of mine include a light jacket, sunglasses, headphones, and comfy sandals. Can't go wrong with those :) Below are some of the photos of beautiful North Carolina. It's amazing how some hidden places can bring the most happiness!

Stay happy <3

       (whether on vacation or not)

Dress: Charlotte Russe        Jacket: Old Navy
     Shoes: Old Navy                 Sunglasses: Target
Purse: Dooney and Burke     Belt: Kohl's