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Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi everyone! Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. Unfortunately I got pretty sick this past week, but I'm finally getting over it! YAY :) It always stinks to get sick around spring time. 

So this outfit reminded me of smoothies. I was going for a very summer-like, spring-ish outfit, because, after all, we're already at the end of March! Thank goodness. Smoothies always remind me of spring, because I'm used to getting them during vacations or times at the beach. Summer has such a wonderful nostalgia about it, and I tried to convey that in a more elevated level in this outfit. Sadly, summer seems to bring another, more negative, feeling ~ insecurity. Shedding winter layers and trading blankets for beach towels can be great, but along with that also comes the self esteem issues many of us battle in shorts or bathing suits. It's not just one thing in particular; we all have many random, weird things about ourselves that we don't like showing when 3/4 of our bodies are revealed in public. Actually, over 80% of women do not feel confident in a bathing suit, which is just awful! It happens to all of us though; you, me, your friends, your family, even the hottest Victoria's Secret model. And honestly, it's a terrible feeling. But we should try to overcome it. So when it's time for you to pull out your bathing suits, try them on and realize all that you truly have to offer. Go to the beach and walk with no shame, because you're all beautiful inside and out. There are so many people out there complimenting you behind your backs, envying your beauty the way you may envy theirs! Maybe we should be straight-forward about it, complimenting others rather than being jealous of what they have that we don't. It's a difficult thing to do (I get jealous very easily, trust me) but maybe we should give it a shot. You're all gorgeous in my eyes... Here's to a summer full of smoothies and confidence in bikinis :) 

Stay happy <3

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liebster Award

Hello everyone! I was so blessed to be nominated for this Liebster award, and now I'm going to share it with you all! Sophia La Style nominated me. If you have been nominated and you wish to participate, simply answer the same eleven questions I answered and nominate your favorite bloggers as well! These are the following questions that Sophia La Style created for her nominees: 

1.  What do you love most about fashion? Fashion allows me relief from the everyday stresses I face. Fashion is fun, lively, always changing, and artistic! 

2.  What is your favorite color? MINT AND PINK!!!

3. How did you come up with your blog name? I came up with "Guess Who" because the entire premise of my blog is for it to be about purely the clothing... not what my hair looks like, or my lipstick shade, or my facial expression in the pictures. When I first started exploring fashion blogs, I found myself focusing a lot on the girls modeling the clothing, wondering how they did their makeup or how old they were. I wasn't always paying attention to the clothing! Since I love fashion so much, I wanted to make my blog only about it. Hence the name "Guess Who", because since I'm not revealing my face you can only guess...:)

4.  Favorite holiday destination? Cruises! They are amazing. 

5.  What are the two things you cannot live without? My pillow and my phone :)

6.  What is your party must have item? Water! Weird as it sounds, I think water is pretty necessary! 

7.  Who is your favorite actor? Based on looks, Channing Tatum. Based on acting abilities, Liam Neeson. 

8.  What is your favorite song of all time? Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I always get pumped when I listen to it.

9.  What is your favorite food? Hamburgers and hot dogs. Plain and simple!

10.  What is your best color? I've been told I look best in red... I'd like to say mint or pink of course, but I think my best color on is red!

11.  Who is your favorite shoe designer? I'd have to say Kate Spade or Tory Burch. I know it says favorite, but I can't pick! Because for fun, spunky shoes, definitely Kate Spade. But for simplicity and work attire, Tory Burch! 

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Stay happy <3

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wake Up

Hi everyone! It was very difficult for me to roll out of bed this morning....but I finally did! Given that I was having a slow start and wasn't feeling creative, I decided to have a chill outfit! This is what I love about chambray shirts. You can just wake up, throw on the comfy shirt, a scarf or statement necklace, bottoms, and you're good to go! I also included a picture of my nails for the week. They were actually very simple for me to do, but I liked having that edgy chic look with a touch of femininity in the pink hues! Have a great day:)

Stay happy <3

Friday, March 21, 2014


Have you ever had some kind of a stress or worry that you could not get off your mind no matter what? That's what has been happening to me. I just can't simply shake the stress off, and sadly, I don't think it will disappear until there's a solution. I guess that's just a part of life, but for some reason whenever that happens to me, I just obsess and obsess until something solves my worry. The good thing is that my outlets (including fashion, of course) tend to help me stop "obsessing" for awhile. Hopefully my current obsession will reach a solution soon! Have a great weekend :)

Stay happy <3

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring 2014 Essentials

I feel as though someone's closet says a lot about them as a person and as a fashionista. For example, my closet is filled with way more colors than neutrals! Maybe I'm annoyingly peppy and I don't know it? Let's hope not... :) Anyway,  I decided to make this post a series of shots of some of my Spring 2014 essentials. Sometimes it's fun to challenge yourself that way... Think, "If I had my own Spring Collection what would be on display?" For me, my spring collection would consist of a few different things in particular. 

1. One of these would be the navy and pink combination. I think that Navy&Pink is such a chic trend for this season. It's somewhat of an unlikely combination, but it's reminiscent of a revised nautical scheme.  It's so simple to wear, so I think having a decent amount of navy and pinks is a must for this Spring!

2. Mint and Coral is such a blooming color combination for the season! The surge of mint love began developing over the past two Spring seasons, and coral has always been a good old favorite. But the two of them together is recently new, and it's wonderful!:)

3. I have been pleasantly surprised in the new sunflower/daisy trend! I think it has been inspired by that free spirit, Californian vibe. I love it! They're so happy and free flowing. The best part is that outfits incorporating these flowers don't have to be perfect. They're meant to have a lot of movement~ no perfection here!

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Stay happy <3

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Take a Walk

Hey everyone! I hope you're having wonderful weekends and hopefully getting somewhat warmer weather soon! I'm not sure about you, but I have been dying for the warm spring weather... And I realize I've already written in several other posts about this :) Today was chilly, though, so I didn't get that wish. I have actually gotten to the point of desperation that I put on a bit of sunscreen on my wrists just to smell that sweet, nostalgic scent of SUMMER! I took a walk in this lovely garden and decided it would be a great location for my outfit of the day post. There's always something magical about being in one of those secretive gardens with canopies of trees creating a layer of privacy. I thought this one was especially magical, because it's a wild garden! I can tell that there's probably rarely (if ever) a maintenance team for this garden, which makes it so special~ it's all natural! I've always wanted to get married in a garden... maybe like this one here ?! I hope you can get out this weekend for a little to be able to enjoy wonderful nature like this, too. 

Wow, look at my colors! The same as the "Guess Who" homepage colors~ mint and fuschia. I didn't even plan that!

Stay happy <3

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A lot of times, I like to paint a picture through my outfit. After all, that's what fashion is about, right? Art! Today's "picture" is a little bit more abstract, though. The free-flowing flowers and greenery are only allowed a limited amount of movement because of the overpowering stripes. A lot like people, right? Sometimes we really just want to be ourselves but we have to adhere to what we "should" do or how we "should" act. In this painting, the flowers resemble us and the stripes are society's rules! Let your flowers do the talking and forget about fitting into the stripes! Life is too short for that. Be yourself and enjoy it. Have a wonderful day :)

Stay happy <3

BTW, the floral fabric is the headband I wore that was not pictured :)

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hi everyone! Finally after 10 days, I'm back to blogging normal outfit posts! Yay:))) I wanted to keep the giveaway as my featured post for its entire life span so that everyone who wanted to enter would have a chance to. It was a successful giveaway, and we have a winner who was notified via email. I really hope you all try for the next giveaway that I have. 

Today's outfit is a fairly casual one. I paired rolled capri jeans with this graphic slouchy sweatshirt under a pink plaid shirt! I was searching for the right shoe color to pair with this outfit, and I thought, "Let's make this minted." One of my favorite colors, mint, always seems to find a way into my outfits! I was able to mint-ize today's outfit with these sporty and springy vans. This look would be perfect to wear to a sporting event, or any other event that calls for casual dress but not casual to the point that it could pass for pajamas....

Stay happy <3