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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi all! It has been SO long. I'm sorry about the lack of posts -- I've been on vacation! I took a trip to North Carolina and then made a few other stops in Georgia and North Florida. So this post is themed on great vacation attire. Who wants to look sluggish and haggard on their vacation? But at the same time, suitcases allow limited space and travel can take a toll on us. It's important to find your happy medium. My happy medium lies somewhere between comfy solid bottoms (shorts or skirts will do) and soft day dresses! A few travel essentials of mine include a light jacket, sunglasses, headphones, and comfy sandals. Can't go wrong with those :) Below are some of the photos of beautiful North Carolina. It's amazing how some hidden places can bring the most happiness!

Stay happy <3

       (whether on vacation or not)

Dress: Charlotte Russe        Jacket: Old Navy
     Shoes: Old Navy                 Sunglasses: Target
Purse: Dooney and Burke     Belt: Kohl's


  1. Cute phone case, great reminder! I like that you paired this dress with a more casual jacket! The purple looks good with the stripes! Have fun!

    1. Thanks so much, I love happy prints like that! Thanks for the comment -- love your blog!

  2. Girl you look amazing! Love this outfit! Kisses, Anja

  3. wow, that place looks gorgeous! i love the cute striped dress :)
    xo jac

    1. Thank you!! North Carolina mountains certainly are gorgeous. Have a wonderful week :)

  4. You look so much! I very like it! You are beauty


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