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Friday, January 31, 2014

Comfy Casual

Everyone needs those days to be able to just chill. I think outfits can say a lot about whether someone is having a "chill" day or not. So it's always good to look your best~ you never know who's looking at you! Today was fairly cold, and I was feeling extremely lazy, so instead of wearing a boring striped shirt with comfy jeans, I spiced it up! I just threw on a cotton blazer (most comfortable material for blazers) and a statement necklace, and it looked like I tried very hard. Which, I didn't, of course....
Stay happy <3

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inspired by...

Today's motivation and today's outfit are both inspired by having fun. Unfortunately, one of life's harsh realities is the mandatory work attire we all know and hate. Suits, dresses, blouses, and heels are not known for being comfortable and nike shorts are regrettably frowned upon by most companies... On the bright side, we do have days off when we can wear fun and spunky outfits such as this one!!

Stay happy <3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Party

Parties are always tough, because no one wants to be over-dressed, but being underdressed is just as mortifying. So I compiled my party rules-of-thumb into a list:

1. Jacket- No matter what, it's safe to bring a jacket or sweater of some type to parties. First, because you may end up wanting to be more on the conservative side once you see what everyone else is wearing. But you still have the option to not wear it! Also, layering can drastically dress up or dress down a look to your convenience. In my case with this photo, I used a leather jacket to dress up my look and add a different, yet compatible, texture to my outfit!

2. Heels or no heels? This is a tough one. So what I always do is go with my gut, but bring an extra pair of the other choice. Usually I start by wearing heels, and if by the looks of the atendees' outfits I don't feel comfortable wearing them, I pull out my back- up shoes!!! (Flats or dressy sandals)

3. Style/ Cut of the outfit- At parties, we all want to look hot. So take advantage of parties to spunk it up and flaunt what you've got! Skirts and dresses are popular choices, with good reason. I definitely recommend either of these, and depending on your body type you could wear a tight bodycon type outfit or one with more of a flow like my skirt in this post! Regardless, just know there are thousands of clothes out there that you can use to bring out the best features of your body-- no need to change your body! :)

4. Colors- Depending on where you are, the best colors could change dramatically! If you're in a dark place, go for a pop of color paired with a bold print. The outfit I wore in this post is an example of that, because it will be fairly visible but not flamboyant in dark settings!! If you're at a dinner party, go for more of a solid or neutral color scheme, and let the accessories and shoes add the spunk.

Hopefully these helped! Above all, be yourself and have fun :)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Euro Inspired

Today's look was inspired by Europe. Often, our clothing in the United States is derived from trends in Europe, specifically England!!!  So today when I was trying to decide what to wear and that vest from England was staring back at me, I thought I should try to combine it with all my other pieces from Europe. The keds are from here, but everything else was straight from England. 

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Having fun in your outfit is what makes it look best! :) Have a great day!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

About "Guess Who"

Welcome to my blog, Guess Who!!!

Just a background story to start off my blog... My idea for Guess Who started with the concept of showing my outfits without my face. Tons of fashion blogs have amazing style and fashion tips, but I often get caught up in looking at their face or their hair or their makeup that I lose sight of why I'm really interested in their site. I love fashion and the way that it allows me to not only express myself, but also occupy myself by channeling my creativity! So because of that, I wanted my blog to be a tribute to the clothes, not my face! 

Thanks for checking it out :) I will be posting my first outfit tomorrow!

Stay happy <3