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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Take a Walk

Hey everyone! I hope you're having wonderful weekends and hopefully getting somewhat warmer weather soon! I'm not sure about you, but I have been dying for the warm spring weather... And I realize I've already written in several other posts about this :) Today was chilly, though, so I didn't get that wish. I have actually gotten to the point of desperation that I put on a bit of sunscreen on my wrists just to smell that sweet, nostalgic scent of SUMMER! I took a walk in this lovely garden and decided it would be a great location for my outfit of the day post. There's always something magical about being in one of those secretive gardens with canopies of trees creating a layer of privacy. I thought this one was especially magical, because it's a wild garden! I can tell that there's probably rarely (if ever) a maintenance team for this garden, which makes it so special~ it's all natural! I've always wanted to get married in a garden... maybe like this one here ?! I hope you can get out this weekend for a little to be able to enjoy wonderful nature like this, too. 

Wow, look at my colors! The same as the "Guess Who" homepage colors~ mint and fuschia. I didn't even plan that!

Stay happy <3

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  1. Great outfit! Love those boots :) Xo, Anja


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