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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday Link Up

Hi guys!! Today I'm participating in Hope Studios Link Up for Tutorial Tuesday! This is such a great link up, and I'm happy to be a part of it. My tutorial/DIY for today is hair bows. They're simple to make... as long as you have a hot glue gun, fabric, and scissors. 

1. Fold fabric to the center, hot dog style. Glue it securely!
2. Scrunch up the newly folded fabric by pinching the top and bottom edges into the center... This should make a bow shape!
3. Glue in place! You can glue multiple times; better to be safe than sorry!!
4. Use a scrap of fabric and fold to place in the center if desired. It just adds an extra amount of depth to the bow creation.
5. Glue entire bow onto a hair clip of your choice.
6. Style your bows however you want :) 

I hope this helps! If you have a DIY or tutorial, participate in the tutorial tuesdays :
Stay happy <3

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